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Houston Restraining Order Attorney

Sugar Land Domestic Violence Lawyer

No one should ever have to live in fear of an assault or family violence. If your spouse has physically assaulted you or your children, or you are being threatened by someone, you may need legal protection from the person. You definitely need to consult with a compassionate, skilled attorney. Contact the best Houston lawyers at Nichols Law.

The court can issue a protective order on your behalf. A protective order prevents the person from coming into your home, your workplace, or anywhere near you or your children. A protective order can also stop your child from being taken away, stop a dangerous person from owning a gun, or stop anything else that can threaten you.

For especially severe cases of domestic violence, there is also a no contact protective order, in which the person threatening you cannot call you, write you, or contact you at all except through lawyers. If a person violates any protective order, he or she can go to jail.

Protective Order vs. Restraining Order - What's the Difference?

The difference between a protective order and a restraining order is the level of enforcement. A protective order can be criminally enforced and can result in a criminal arrest if the protective order is broken.

A restraining order is not criminally enforceable and therefore requires the interested party to go to a judge to enforce the restraining order.

Houston Restraining Order

Restraining orders are similar, except that, if violated, restraining orders don't carry jail sentences. Restraining orders are done in civil court, instead of criminal court, and are thus a good option for cases in which no law has been broken.

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Once you've hired us, anything you say to one of our family lawyers is protected by attorney-client privilege. That means that no one, except in extreme circumstances, will have to know what you tell your lawyer. We take attorney-client privilege very seriously, especially in cases of domestic violence, and you can trust to us to never betray your confidence.

Spousal abuse or threats of abuse are very serious matters and should be entrusted to lawyers with the experience to get you the protection you need. Our top Houston family attorneys have decades of trial experience, and will work hard to help you through this time in every way we can.

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