Houston Invasion Of Privacy Lawyer

Aggressively Defending Your Rights In Divorce Cases In Texas

When your spouse intercepts your emails during your divorce, you know that he or she has done something wrong. When your spouse hurts you physically during your divorce, you know you have been wronged. And when your spouse hides assets during your divorce, steals from you or otherwise defrauds you, you also know that he or she did something wrong.

Did you know, though, that these and other acts are punishable by law in civil court? This means that you can receive financial damages or a disproportionate share of the community estate when you are injured, when your spouse invades your privacy or when your spouse attempts to defraud you.

At the Houston law firm of Nichols Law, our practice has a unique focus on privacy torts and other statutory and financial damages that can occur during divorce. This means that in addition to advocating for your fair share of marital property during divorce, we can pursue additional compensation following:

  • The interception of emails by your spouse (this is a violation of the federal Wiretap Act)
  • Physical injuries caused by a violent spouse
  • Fraud or diminishment against your marital/community estate

The statutory punishment for accessing a spouse's email account, Facebook account or other private online account is $10,000. We have successfully pursued additional statutory penalties and compensation for dozens of clients during the divorce process.

If you are getting a divorce and have questions regarding invasion of privacy during divorce or other infractions during divorce, please contact an attorney at our office. Call 713-574-8506.