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Skilled At Finding International Assets And Enforcing Their Division

There are many divorce lawyers in Houston, Texas. Those of us at Nichols Law earnestly want you to pick the best divorce attorney for your needs: We invite you to look through our qualifications carefully, as well as those of other Houston divorce lawyers, before you make your decision. In the end, we are fully confident that we are qualified to assist you, no matter how challenging your family law issue.

Perhaps the best example of our firm's abilities is our work with international enforcement and discovery. See this website for articles on international enforcement and discovery. In our work with the property division aspect of divorce proceedings, we have gained a strong ability to investigate and locate international assets and bring about division of such assets.

Often such work involves going through courts of foreign governments. More than collection, our work often involves property-driven asset location. Divorce settlements often necessitate later enforcements of judicial decrees of complete property division.

Of course, Nichols Law Firm can also address other complex asset division issues, such as those involving business ownership and large retirement packages. We work not only with high net worth individuals, but also with simpler asset division plans involving less wealthy individuals.

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You can get a more complete description of our services by contacting us and setting up a consultation with John F. Nichols Sr. Whenever you call our Houston law firm, you will always speak with a person, never an answering service, and if we take on your case, we will remain in close contact with you at all times. We will provide close, attentive guidance, helping you make the decision you can live with best; after all, what decision is easier to live with than your own?

Our law firm is located in Houston, Texas, and serves people throughout Texas and around the world in divorce proceedings.