Houston High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

When you are unsure of the extent of your marital property, who can help you assess its full value and advocate for your fair share during divorce? When you have reason to believe your spouse has hidden assets or is lying about his or her ownership of known assets, what steps can you take to receive the full share you are legally owed?

Nichols Law, a high net worth law firm, has decades of experience investigating marital property and defending clients' property rights. Our team includes:

  • Highly skilled paralegals
  • An accomplished trial attorney
  • Experienced legal assistants

Further, we work with expert property tracers to identify property ownership when spouses attempt to shield wealth by:

  • Disguising property ownership through equitable title
  • Using shell corporations
  • Masking payroll levels through bonuses

Types Of Property We Have Successfully Pursued In Divorce Cases

High net worth divorce cases can involve a broad range of complex and high-value assets. We have extensive experience valuing and dividing all types of property, including:

  • Mineral rights, including oil, gas and water rights
  • Commercial, agricultural/ranch and residential real estate
  • Domestic and foreign firms
  • Family-owned firms
  • All types of trusts
  • Stocks, bonds and other securities
  • Intellectual property, including patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • Pensions and retirement accounts

If you have questions about marital property division in Texas, please contact us by calling 713-574-8506.