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Houston Child Custody Lawyer

Every aspect of a divorce is stressful, but possibly nothing is tougher than determining custody and visitation. If the parties cannot agree, the Texas court must determine whether the children's best interests are served by staying with their mother or their father. At Nichols Law our Houston divorce attorneys are also concerned with the best interests of the children, while working hard to see that our clients get the arrangement they need.

Custody and visitation matters go beyond just choosing a parent for primary care. In Houston, there are a few different types of custody arrangements. A Joint Managing Conservatorship, in which the parents make decisions about the child's upbringing together, is the default arrangement. In this scenario, the Primary Joint Managing Conservator is the parent who receives child support and determines where the child lives. But in some cases, a Sole Managing Conservatorship can be imposed, in which one parent makes all the major decisions about the child's upbringing.

Child Visitation (Parenting Time)

The typical visitation arrangement is to let the children stay with the non-custodial parent (see child support page) during the first, third, and fifth weekends of the month, but our Houston divorce attorneys can work out many other agreements.

We can also work to get visitation schedules enforced if they are being sabotaged. Often, circumstances change, and modifications need to be made to custody, visitation, or child support. With many years of experience in family law, in and out of the courtroom, our Houston child support lawyers can handle any situation.

How to prepare if your child is moving out of state

Frequently, as former spouses establish new lives after divorce, interstate relocation becomes an issue. New relationships, work transfers or simply the desire to start again in a new place are common reasons that former spouses end up in different parts of the country.

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