Houston Retirement Assets And Divorce Lawyer

When you divorce, it is highly important that you protect your future by protecting your assets. No assets will likely have a greater effect on your future than your retirement assets.

At Nichols Law, our highly skilled legal team has handled property division in hundreds of divorce cases since 1967. We can protect your right to your share of all types of retirement assets, including:

  • Pensions
  • IRAs
  • 401(k) accounts
  • Military benefits
  • Federal pensions
  • Railroad pensions

We work with forensic accountants and other experts when necessary to determine the current and future value of retirement benefits. We can effectively advocate for your fair share of marital property while keeping your legal costs as low as possible.

For experienced and diligent legal assistance in Texas regarding retirement assets and marital property division, contact Nichols Law. Call 713-574-8506.

The equitable distribution of retirement funds in divorce usually requires the proper valuation and division of retirement benefits, including retirement funds and plans that may not come payable for years. Another challenge is determining whether stocks, bonds and deferred compensation plans also count as retirement funds.

We draw on decades of legal experience when handling the complexities of asset division and advocating for clients' property rights. Additionally, our team includes a lawyer who is a certified Texas family law specialist and was named one of "Houston's Top Lawyers." For qualified family law legal help from a highly recognized law firm, call 713-574-8506.