Houston Property Division Lawyer

When your spouse decides to hide wealth during a divorce, it is crucial that you obtain qualified and experienced legal assistance in locating assets and getting the share you are legally owed.

The Houston property division legal team of Nichols Law has decades of experience identifying hidden assets and litigating marital property disputes to the best advantage of our clients.

We work with tracing experts to determine actual ownership of property. The term "actual ownership" is a legal term that refers to who owns property. Property like homes, corporations and bank accounts can be effectively hidden through a variety of tactics such as:

  • Equitable title
  • Shell corporations
  • Bonuses versus payroll

We have successfully identified millions of dollars in hidden assets for divorcing clients and can work to identify both domestic and international assets.

Proving Ownership Or Creating Doubt

Most often, we can prove the existence and ownership of hidden assets. Even when there is some question as to property ownership, we can often argue successfully for our client's property rights based on the likelihood that the opposing party is lying.

Contact Us Before Or After Your Divorce

Usually, hidden assets are identified during the divorce process. Sometimes, though, a divorced spouse learns of a non-divulged executive bonus or other asset. We handle post-divorce division of assets when assets were hidden and never divided in the divorce.

Judges decide if a corporation or other property should be investigated. We are skilled at gathering, presenting and proving persuasive evidence to obtain the largest possible property award for our clients. For more information, please contact Nichols Law by calling 713-574-8506.