Houston Business Owners In Divorce

As a property or business owner, you know how complex the valuation and ownership determination of businesses can be. When divorcing, you need the assistance of a lawyer who understands the valuation of business assets and who can defend your ownership interests throughout the divorce process.

John F. Nichols Sr. of Nichols Law is highly experienced in each facet of the division of businesses during divorce, including:

  • Document-intensive investigations
  • Identifying and characterizing separate property, community property and mixed property
  • The valuing and dividing of complex estates
  • Proposing and negotiating agreements that provide maximum defense of your ownership rights

Our legal team includes a lawyer who is a certified Texas family law specialist and one of the "Best Matrimonial Lawyers in America" as listed by several publications, as well as a paralegal with almost three decades of experience handling complex financial matters in cases .

We don't just practice family law. We have written dozens of published articles regarding family law and property division, and we have taught more than 100 classes and seminars, often to attorneys who need help in just the area you do — protecting and dividing marital property.

We combine knowledge of Texas laws governing the division of marital property with negotiation skills honed over decades of legal experience. Also, in Texas, family law judges sometimes exercise substantial discretion when making property division decrees. Additionally, Texas is one of the few states that provides for jury trials to resolve property division disputes. We can skillfully try your case before either judge or jury and can provide the negotiation and litigation experience you need when divorce threatens your business and property interests. For more information, please contact us by calling 713-574-8506.