Houston Marital Assets And Debts Lawyer

When you face divorce, you need the assistance of a family law lawyer who can protect your property rights at each step in the divorce law process.

At Nichols Law, our Houston marital assets and debts attorney has the experience needed to represent your property interests during a divorce. We are adept at identifying ways to optimize the assets you retain and to reduce the debt you are responsible for. Additionally, with our extensive trial experience, we are always willing to take a case to a jury if the situation warrants it.

For effective, results-driven marital asset legal help in Texas, contact a firm with decades of divorce litigation experience. Contact Nichols Law. Call 713-574-8506.

We have handled hundreds of contested and uncontested divorce cases and can manage all issues relating to the division of marital property, including:

Our firm's founder, John F. Nichols Sr., has been a board-certified divorce attorney in family law since 1975 and is an experienced courtroom litigator. For more information regarding how we can assist you with divorce and asset and debt division, please contact us by calling 713-574-8506.