Houston Divorce Attorney

Ready To Litigate In Court Whenever Necessary

Though divorce cases are famous for lengthy and acrimonious litigation, few states actually allow marital property disputes to be resolved through a jury trial. Texas is one such state.

Nichols Law can provide the skilled and experienced courtroom representation you need in contested divorce disputes. Our highly skilled team includes a lawyer with more than 48 years of experience litigating family law, civil trial law and personal injury law. Additionally, Nichols Law's legal team includes a skilled lawyer and paralegals with backgrounds in accounting, personal injury and property matters.

Our highly skilled team has handled numerous divorce-related jury trials and has the legal, trial and financial knowledge and skills to aggressively and effectively protect your property interests.

We Understand The Importance Of Remaining Available

It's not unusual for a criminal defense attorney to be available in the evening or for a personal injury lawyer to dash to an accident scene. It is unusual for a family law lawyer to be available close to 24 hours a day.

We always return phone calls, and clients have our cellphone numbers. In decades of divorce law practice, we have never lost a client for lack of availability.

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Are You Unsatisfied With Your Current Attorney?

Many of our clients began their divorce process with another lawyer. Often, family law attorneys who are unable to handle complex property division or to litigate cases in court refer those cases to us. Other cases come to us when a divorcing individual is unsatisfied with his or her current divorce lawyer.

We can quickly get stalled divorce cases back on track while working to identify additional property right and asset opportunities. For more information, please contact the Houston family law office of Nichols Law by calling 713-574-8506.