Houston Divorce Attorney

When you face family law legal issues in Houston, contact Nichols Law. Our team has decades of combined divorce law legal experience as well as qualifications that are unmatched in the Houston area:

  • An attorney (John Nichols Sr.) with decades of experience who is a certified Texas family law specialist; has been named one of the "Best Matrimonial Lawyers in America" by several publications, one of "Houston's Top Lawyers" and a "Texas Super Lawyer"; has published approximately 160 articles; and has taught over 100 classes and seminars.
  • A paralegal with almost three decades of experience handling complex financial matters in cases

Handling Complex Divorce Cases With Efficiency And A Constant Eye On Results

Divorce litigation is notorious for "dragging on." This is unfortunate for multiple reasons: It keeps the couple from obtaining closure and moving on with their lives, creates additional animosity and stress, often puts children in an uncomfortable position, and drains valuable resources.

Our extensive, time-honed and diverse experience means we can ensure that each case progresses as quickly as possible. We focus our practice on complex divorce cases and can navigate your case through the legal process on a daily basis while balancing an aggressive stance with efficiency.

Optimizing Results By Identifying Tort Opportunities

As a skilled and experienced legal team, we can identify opportunities where other lawyers can't. When the opposing party ignores the law or commits an infraction, we can press for additional damages, for any waste of the marital estate or other harm. For more information, please contact Nichols Law by calling 713-574-8506.